Oxford University

Name of project coordinator:
Dr Karen Aplin

Total no. of students expected to participate:

Size of groups:

Year in which students will carry out the project:
Final (third) year

No. of weeks over which the project will be carried out during one academic year:
Seven Weeks

Dates over which the project will run during the academic year:
First Term

Description of the Group Industrial Project activity:
The Physics Department at Oxford University will be running the Group Industrial Projects as a compulsory part of the course for final year BA students. The projects will take place in the first term of the academic year and will run for 6-7 weeks. It is expected that groups will be made up of 6-7 students. The projects will principally be based in Oxford, with the partners expected to meet the students in person at the outset to introduce themselves, the company and the problem. Space, computing resource and some technical support, will be allocated in the physics teaching laboratories for students to carry out experimental work if this is needed.

The students will work on the project for 5-6 weeks with the final week devoted to summarising and preparing the presentation. They will be in regular contact with the industrial partner by email or video-conferencing, and in the middle of the project period they will meet with a member of Oxford academic staff for an informal discussion of progress.
Individuals will be assessed in two ways. Firstly, a short group presentation, to which each student must contribute, attended by a marking team from the physics department. The industrial contacts will be invited to this presentation event. Secondly, a mark for effort and achievement during the project period will be awarded by the industrial contact.

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