University of Lancaster

Name of project coordinator:
Dr Manus Hayne

Total no. of students expected to participate:
5-10 initially leading to a maximum of 30

Size of groups:
Size of groups: 4/5

Year in which students will carry out the project:
Third Year

No. of weeks over which the project will be carried out during one academic year:
Fifteen weeks

Dates over which the project will run during the academic year:
Michaelmas term and first half of Lent Term

Description of the Group Industrial Project activity:

At Lancaster the Group Industrial Projects will be available as an optional module in the 3rd year to students studying on the general Physics degree scheme as an alternative to existing options of 3 lab-based short projects or a project/dissertation, none of which involve group work. Given the industrial orientation of the scheme it is expected that it will primarily appeal to BSc students, although it will also be offered to MPhys students. The scheme will also be open to suitable Natural Science students.

The general format and assessment of the module will be identical to the well-established project/dissertation modules, which run over Michaelmas and Lent Terms, with assessment-related activities in the Summer Term. This assessment involves an Independent Learning Mark (allocated by the supervisor and approved by the shadow supervisor – who, in this case, could be the industrial partner), a written report (which is double marked by the supervisor and an independent marker – this is then independently moderated), and an oral presentation at our annual 3rd/4th year mini-conference.

Students will work in groups of (ideally) 4 or 5. It is hoped that the number of students participating will build up from a small number of students in the first year (1 or 2 groups) to a maximum of about 30.

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