University of Hull

Title of project:
Group Study

Name of project coordinator:
Dr David Sands

Total no. of students expected to participate:
4/5 initially

Size of groups:
Four or Five

Year in which students will carry out the project:
Final (3rd Year)

No. of weeks over which the project will be carried out during one academic year:
2nd Semester

Dates over which the project will run during the academic year:
2nd Semester

Description of the Group Industrial Project activity:

At Hull, the Group Industrial Projects will run alongside the normal final year BSc projects and will be offered as an alternative.  It will run in the second semester of the academic year, and be assessed in a similar way. 

BSc students currently spend part of their first semester preparing and planning for their project and it is anticipated that this will operate in the same way for the Group Industrial Projects, but with the difference that the group of students will submit a joint plan. 

However, students will still have to familiarise themselves with the relevant literature and each student will be expected to submit an individual assessment of published work. Likewise, at the end of the project students will submit their own account of the project and their role within it in order to gain the essential experience of writing a report. 

The students will also make a joint presentation at which they will face questions as a group and individually. The final mark for the project will therefore comprise individual and joint marks with some element of peer assessment.

The department currently runs a group project in the first semester of the second year that is compulsory for students on both MPhys and BSc programmes.

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