About the project

Following a discussion meeting in December 2010 on The Teaching of Quantum Mechanics, a working party was formed to develop a set of resources to support a fresh approach to the teaching of the quantum theory curriculum.

These resources would allow the theory to be built systematically from 2-level systems rather than traditional wave mechanics.

It was agreed to commission novel lecture materials for instructors and students, as well as using animations which tutors and students could use to support learning. 

In November 2013, the site launched, and continues to be developed by the original working party. The working party includes: 

Derek Raine - Project Lead
Professor Derek Raine is director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Science in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leicester.  His research has ranged over relativity, quantum field theory, astrophysics, and more recently biophysics and complex systems as well as in science education.

Derek holds the Bragg Medal from the Institute of Physics and was awarded an MBE for contributions to Science education in 2012. He is also a National Teaching Fellow.

Dan Browne - Author
Dr Dan Browne is a theoretical physicist in the department of Physics and Astronomy at UCL. His research interests focus on the theory of quantum computation and he collaborates with diverse experimental groups exploring quantum effects. 

Dan has taught and presented quantum mechanics at a wide range of levels, from advanced graduate to first-year undergraduate lecture courses and popular talks.

Mark Everitt - Author
Dr Mark Everitt is a Lecturer in the Department of Physics at Loughborough University where he teaches an advanced module on Quantum Physics. 

Mark's research interests include: realisations of condensed matter & photonic hybrid systems for quantum technologies; engineered dissipative channels; quantum circuits, in particular those based on superconducting devices; quantum chaos especially regarding the emergence of classical dynamics and the foundations of quantum mechanics.

Pieter Kok - Author
Dr Pieter Kok is currently a Senior Lecturer in theoretical physics at the University of Sheffield, teaching electrodynamics and quantum mechanics, and conducting research in optical quantum computing, metrology and imaging.

Pieter was an NRC/NSF fellow at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he researched optical quantum metrology and imaging. He moved back to the UK for postdoctoral positions at Hewlett-Packard Labs in Bristol and the Department of Materials at Oxford University to design physical implementations for measurement-based quantum computing.

Antje Kohnle - Simulations
Dr Antje Kohnle is a Principal Teaching Fellow at the University of St Andrews.  Her PhD and initial research was in gamma ray astronomy before turning to physics education in 2007. The main focus of her work is the research-based development of interactive simulations and activities for the learning and teaching of quantum mechanics at university level

Her research interests include how different visualizations influence students' models of physical situations, the teaching of interpretive and conceptual aspects of quantum mechanics, research-based resource development for student difficulties in quantum mechanics, optimizing simulations and activities to promote engaged exploration and learning and student-generated content.

Elizabeth Swinbank - Editor
Dr Liz Swinbank is a Fellow in Science Education the University of York, having previously taught physics and science in a comprehensive school.

Liz directs the Salters Horners Advanced Physics project and chairs the editorial board of Physics Review magazine. She works on the York Science Key Stage 3 project and is involved in producing resources for Extended Project Qualifications.  In 2004 she received the IOP’s Bragg Medal.

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