If you work within a consortium it is crucial that all partner schools work together to share knowledge and information about physics teacher training. This will greatly enhance your recruitment potential.


Read on for some more advice about other important partnerships you should build. And, if you are the lead school in your partnership, please share these marketing information webpages with your partner schools!

Your HEI partner

Maintain a close relationship with your HEI partner because they are your key link to university physics, engineering and maths students. Ask your HEI provider to display your School Direct publicity material within their physics, engineering and maths departments, and ask them to inform students about any open days or recruitment events you host.

You might even be able to arrange to give a presentation to the university’s undergraduate students about a career in teaching physics.

Prospective applicants

Respond to enquiries from prospective applicants as quickly as possible. Leaving someone waiting for a reply from you several days after their initial contact can give the impression that you are not very well organised, or that you are not really interested in their enquiry.

Once you have established a dialogue with a prospect, keep in touch. Find out how they are progressing with their application, ask them if they need any advice about funding or invite them to your school for observational experience.

Appearing to go out of your way to help a prospective applicant will make them warm to you and more likely to submit an application.

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