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Limit Less resources for educators

These resources are for educators and schools to champion inclusive teaching and remove barriers that exist for too many young people in education. 

You can also learn about our growing number of Limit Less partnerships and back the manifesto for change.  

Top Tips for Inclusive Science Teaching

This booklet is to support you with practical ways to make your teaching, interactions and classroom as inclusive as possible. You will find nine guiding principles for inclusive teaching, arranged under the three themes of:

  • Creating an inclusive culture;
  • Making the learning relevant; and
  • Building literacy and numeracy for science.

Download the booklet (PDF, 1.68MB)

Yn Gymraeg – download the Welsh language version (PDF, 4.8MB)

Inclusive Science Teaching poster

How can we make sure that all students feel included and that they have what they need to thrive? This poster is a handy overview of the Top Tips for Inclusive Science Teaching.

Download the poster (PDF, 730KB)

Yn Gymraeg – download the Welsh language version (PDF, 643KB)

Gender Inclusive Careers Guidance

This guide highlights where gender expectations can creep into careers guidance and suggests ways to reduce these inequalities, structured around the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Download the guide (PDF, 3.9MB)

Video: Challenging Stereotypes

In a society where by age seven most children’s idea of what they’ll do is already influenced by their social background, ethnicity, and gender, where only about 22% of boys study literature and 23% of girls study physics, aren’t we all being nudged in certain directions according to our backgrounds?

The lessons and activities on IOP Spark are intended for use alongside the Challenging Stereotypes animation, aiming to explore unconscious bias, the difference between sex and gender, gender misconceptions, gender conformity and gender roles.

NOTE: these resources were created as part of a previous project and therefore some external links might be out of date. We are currently updating this information.

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Action guides

These action guides give ideas for tackling gender balance on a personal level, within the classroom and for the whole school:

Introduction (PDF, 576KB) >

Early learning and childcare centres (PDF, 700KB) >

Primary schools (PDF, 328KB) >

Secondary schools (PDF, 320KB) >

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Case studies

These case studies describe actions developed by practitioners from early years to secondary.

Download (PDF, 1.5MB) >

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Posters and postcards for raising awareness around school

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Classroom interactions template

This template gives a framework for monitoring interactions with female and male students in the classroom.

Download (PDF, 511KB) >

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Gender stereotypes and unconscious bias booklet

An introduction to gender stereotypes and unconscious bias and their effect on young people.

Download the booklet (PDF, 205KB) >

Further reading and references (PDF, 532KB) >

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Inclusive learning checklist

The inclusive learning checklist is a set of questions designed to help science teachers record and extend their gender-inclusive practice.

Download (PDF, 508KB) >

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10 tips for teachers poster

Inclusive teaching: 10 tips for teachers is a poster suitable for display in staff areas.

Download (PDF, 67.1KB) >

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Limit Less careers resources

We’ve created these downloadable resources to help teachers, IOP members and volunteers inspire more young people to change the world and fulfil their potential by doing physics. 

Explore the resources