We moved to King's Cross on Monday 29 October

On Monday 29 October we moved to our new home which will be open to the local community, the public and to our members. This is an accessible, welcoming and exciting space with physics for everyone.

Our new home is a thriving space for everyone interested in physics.

Find us at our new home where we’ll be hosting:

  • talks, debates and performances
  • physics exhibitions and experiments
  • conferences, networking events and seminars


Innovative design and construction

From solar panels on the roof that generate electricity to energy pumped from far underground for heating, physics is integral to the design and construction of the building.

Our new premises have been designed and built to have as minimal an impact as possible on the environment. Features such as a flat roof with plants growing on it also help control drainage and recycle rainwater.

Our building is a test-bed for cutting edge technologies and a place to showcase the ways in which physics innovation can benefit society.


Physics for everyone

When you visit our building, you will have the chance to explore a wide range of physics through our interactive displays and you can take home exciting new resources to continue your journey of physics discovery.

Visit an exhibition in our gallery space, find out about some of the biggest ideas in physics through our trail of stepping stones and see what the IOP is doing all over the world through our digital experience.


Members and innovation

Our membership is at the heart of everything we do. From the start, IOP members have been involved in making our building as sustainable and technologically advanced as possible. Now, the building offers our members new spaces to meet and network and an expanded programme of events and activities.

Read our Members’ Guide to the new building.


Open for business

Our new home supports professional physicists to develop their careers, gain recognition for their work, and connect to networks that influence the physics landscape. And physics-based start-up businesses are able to hire space in the building.


Join us

Already a member? Find out about our Business Innovation Group and learn more about our industry hub.


How we got here - a brief history of our new home

We buy the freehold of a 1,494 square-metre site in the creative industries area of King’s Cross. Formerly a plumbing supply shop, the building has been empty for a while.

Plans are completed for an ambitious new home for our members. Proposals anticipate about 200,000 people will visit every year.

Planning permission is granted.

Work starts on the £13.5 million project. A key challenge is the demolition of the internal structure while keeping the original brickwork façade.

The new building takes shape as walls and floors are built. Ground source heat pumps, the first of their kind in the UK, are installed to a depth of 80 metres.

Work continues and includes the realisation of sustainable designs such as our photovoltaic solar panels.


Our work in the King’s Cross and Islington community


Sharing our love of physics

We believe physics can be a passion and a pursuit for everyone. Our new home in King’s Cross has an exciting mix of free exhibitions, science experiments, and events for the whole community.

We have kept in touch with local residents, community groups and schools in Islington - during construction - to let them know what we do and how to get involved.

As part of our public engagement in Islington we have held physics workshops and events with community groups including:

  • a celebration of the International Day of Light with local schoolchildren
  • a discussion in a local art gallery about how artists and scientists can work together
  • physics demonstrations at the famous Caledonian Road festival for the past four years.


Inspiration and education

Now we are in our new building, our engagement with students and teachers includes:

  • physics resources throughout the school year, available to all schools and colleges in the London Borough of Islington
  • a focus on equalities, with an emphasis on our support for improving gender balance in subject choices
  • a professional network for physics teachers in Islington - meeting regularly at our new building to provide advice, support and continuing professional development
  • workshops looking at specific areas to improve physics teaching.


Community opportunities

Local people, community groups and businesses have free access to:

  • events accompanying our exhibitions
  • public talks and discussions by academic and business leaders from the physics community
  • trainee employment opportunities, placements and apprenticeship enrichment schemes.


Benefits for small businesses

We have dedicated space in our building for physics-based enterprises, as part of an affordable workspace scheme. And we promote an annual programme of activities and events to share skills and network with local start-ups, and small and medium-size enterprises.

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