Limit Less Careers Week 2021

Celebrate National Careers Week with free, inspiring workshops for schools from the Institute of Physics.

Limit Less Careers Week

To celebrate National Careers Week (1-6 March 2021), teachers of students aged 12-14 across the UK and Ireland are invited to book their classes onto our programme of events exploring the opportunities that studying physics can unlock. 

This celebration is part of Limit Less, the new campaign from the Institute of Physics to support young people to change the world and fulfil their potential by doing physics. That’s why, in National Careers Week, we want to show how studying physics can open the door to a vast range of careers that are creative, stimulating and relevant to the challenges facing us all as a society.  

Speakers taking part in Careers Week come from all over the world of physics, including research and industry, well-known organisations and innovative start-ups. During the events, your young people will hear about the diverse routes into these careers, including technical and vocational pathways, and the exciting possibilities that an apprenticeship could bring. 

Careers Week Programme

Our programme is themed around the role of physics and physicists in addressing global challenges. Sessions will include panel discussions on: 

  • Monday 1 March - Climate Change 
  • Wednesday 3 March - Robotics and Artificial Intelligence 
  • Friday 5 March - Physics in Medicine 

Alongside the panel discussions, there will be opportunities for classes to be paired up with a friendly physicist for Q&A sessions, giving your young people the chance to ask questions of relatable role models in physics and to find out more about the people behind the jobs. 

Book your class onto Careers Week here.

Find out more about Limit Less

To support young people to change the world, we need to limit less and support them more.

No young person should be made to feel locked out of physics. Help us ensure that there are no limits on who can take part.

Learn more about the Limit Less campaign and how you can be part of it.