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Once a physicist: index

  • Noel Bakhtian
    Director of the Center for Advanced Energy Studies and a member of the senior leadership team at the US Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory, Noel Bakhtian was recently featured by Business Insider magazine as one of the 20 most powerful female engineers.
  • David Levey
    David Levey is a recently ordained Buddhist monk at the Oxford Buddha Vihara, Oxford, UK. He has degrees in philosophy and physics
  • Eline van der Velden
    Two-time award-winning actor, writer and director of the new BBC Three series Miss Holland and founder of Particle6 Productions
  • Arie van 't Riet
    Arie van ’t Riet is an artist in the Netherlands who uses X-ray equipment to create “bioramas” – X-ray portraits of animals and plants
  • LeeAnn Janissen
    LeeAnn divides her time between her ceramic-art practice and her role as managing director of research for East Coast Fund Management in Toronto, Canada
  • Tim Head
    Tim Head runs Wild Tree Tech – a software consultancy that builds data analysis products and teaches courses on machine-learning. In his free time, he likes to train for triathlons
  • Anna Starkey
    Anna Starkey is the creative director of We The Curious – an interactive science centre in Bristol, UK. She has degrees in physics and science communication, and a Bafta nomination for writing children's animation
  • Lydia Harriss
    Lydia Harriss is head of physical sciences at the UK’s Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, which provides independent advice on science, technology and social science topics to MPs and peers.
  • Apoorva Jayaraman
    Apoorva Jayaraman is a Bharatanatyam artiste who performs solo concerts and conducts workshops across the world.
  • Angus Jackson
    Angus Jackson is a theatre director, currently season director of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Rome Season. He has directed shows at the RSC, the National Theatre and in London’s West End
  • Damian Rumble
    Damien Rumble joined the customer analytics team at insurance company Aviva as a data scientist after completing a PhD in observational astrophysics
  • Dave Donaldson
    Dave Donaldson is a professor of economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US, who conducts research on topics related to international and inter-regional trade in low-income countries. He grew up in Toronto, Canada and obtained an MPhys degree at the University of Oxford, UK, in 2001.
  • Elina Berglund
    Elina Berglund is the chief technology officer and co-founder of Natural Cycles a fertility app that helps women to prevent, plan and monitor pregnancies. As a physicist, she was part of the team that discovered the Higgs boson at CERN in 2012
  • Philip Earis
    Setting up shop as a science communicator after getting your degree in physics is a tempting offer, especially for those who are interested in creating educational outreach materials, as Alaina G Levine finds out.
  • Libby Heaney
    Libby Heaney is an artist, researcher and lecturer. She works at the intersection of art, science and technology.
  • Z Aziza Baccouche
    Z Aziza Baccouche is chief executive of Aziza Productions, a media company that specializes in producing science films.
  • Owen Byrne
    Originally, I wanted to do engineering or architecture or something like that.
  • Lucy Heady
    I have always been fascinated by how the world works and how counterintuitive it is.
  • Elizabeth Waterhouse
    Like most children, I had a wish to go to outer space, and in my home town there was a scholarship you could apply for to go to space camp.
  • Juliet Davenport
    I just loved physics and I thought it sounded interesting.
  • Ruth Itzhaki
    I found it exciting to try to understand how things happen, and I liked pure maths very much.
  • Alan Pierson
    I don’t think I was ever not into physics. I’ve always had an enormous fascination for the universe – planets, stars and galaxies – and wanted to know how things work. As a kid I was a science-fiction fan and used to write stories and dream up ways of building faster-than-light spaceships. I actually convinced myself that some of them would work.
  • Robert Lang
    Robert Lang is an origami artist and author of several books on origami techniques
  • Alok Sharma
    Alok Sharma is the Member of Parliament for the Reading West constituency in Berkshire, UK
  • Emanuel Derman
    Emanuel Derman is a professor of financial engineering at Columbia University, New York, US, and the author of My Life as a Quant: Reflections on Physics and Finance
  • Kevin Hollinrake
    Kevin Hollinrake is the Member of Parliament for Thirsk and Malton, Yorkshire, UK
  • Carol Monaghan
    Former physics teacher Carol Monaghan is the Member of Parliament for Glasgow North West, UK
  • Jaan Tallinn
    Jaan Tallinn is one of the founding engineers of Skype and a co-founder of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk and the Future of Life Institute
  • Paul Danahar
    Journalist Paul Danahar is the BBC's Americas bureaux chief in Washington, DC. He was previously the BBC's Middle East bureau chief between 2010 and 2013
  • Rexhep Meidani
    Rexhep Meidani was the president of Albania between 1997 and 2002
  • Mark Levinson
    Mark Levinson is a film director whose most recent film, Particle Fever, was about the discovery of the Higgs boson
  • Lauren Segal
    Lauren Segal is a South Africa-born Canadian mezzo-soprano
  • Jennifer Rollo
    Jennifer (Jenny) Rollo is a systems biologist who studies Alzheimer's disease at the University of Sydney, Australia
  • Chris Loxton
    Chris Loxton started his own winery, Loxton Cellars, in California after 10 years in physics research
  • Tom Brake
    Tom Brake is the member of parliament for Carshalton and Wallington and deputy leader of the UK House of Commons
  • Dan Trueman
    Dan Trueman is a composer, Hardanger fiddle-player and a co-founder of the Princeton Laptop Orchestra
  • Caroline Harper
    Caroline Harper is chief executive of the Sightsavers charity and was awarded the OBE for services to the gas industry in 2000
  • Chris Arnade, September 2013
    Chris Arnade is a documentary photographer who works among homeless addicts and prostitutes in Hunts Point, New York.
  • George R Lucas Jr, August 2013
    George R Lucas Jr is a professor of ethics and public policy at the Naval Postgraduate College in Monterey, California
  • Steven Mackey, July 2013
    Steven Mackey is composer and musician at Princeton University
  • Janet Guthrie, June 2013
    Janet Guthrie is a retired American race car driver. In 1977 she became the first woman to compete in the Indianapolis 500 and the Daytona 500
  • Joshua Miele, May 2013
    Joshua Miele is a researcher at the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute in California who develops adaptive devices for blind people
  • Andreas Schleicher, April 2013
    Andreas Schleicher is the deputy director for education and skills at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Ted Hsu, January 2013
    Ted Hsu is the member of parliament for Kingston and the Islands, Canada
  • Nick Dunbar, December 2012
    Nick Dunbar is a financial journalist and editor of the Bloomberg Risk newsletter
  • William Poundstone, November 2012
    William Poundstone is a Los Angeles-based author and essayist. His most recent book, Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?, was published in paperback by Little, Brown in September
  • Olaf Olafsson, August 2012
    Olaf Olafsson is the executive vice-president for international and corporate strategy at Time Warner. His fourth novel, Restoration, was published in February
  • Crispin Duenas, July 2012
    Crispin Duenas is a member of Canada's Olympic archery team
  • Anne Scowcroft Rodgers, June 2012
    Anne Scowcroft Rodgers is a potter who runs her own small firm, Alsager Pottery, from her home near Stoke-on-Trent, UK.
  • Leonor Sierra, May 2012
    Leonor Sierra is international science and policy manager at the London-based charity Sense About Science, which aims to help people make sense of scientific and medical claims.
  • Brad Trost, April 2012
    Brad Trost is the Member of Parliament for Saskatoon-Humboldt, Canada. Before entering politics, he worked as an exploration geophysicist
  • Craig Breslow, February 2012
    Craig Breslow is a US professional baseball player who has pitched for five Major League teams, including the Minnesota Twins and Oakland Athletics
  • John Fulljames, January 2012
    John Fulljames is the associate director of opera at the Royal Opera House in London
  • Martijn van Calmthout, December 2011
    Martijn van Calmthout is the chief science editor at the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, based in Amsterdam
  • Hannu Rajaniemi, November 2011
    Hannu Rajaniemi is an Edinburgh-based science-fiction writer whose first novel, The Quantum Thief, is published by Gollancz in paperback this month
  • Bart Larson, September 2011
    Bart Larson is the co-owner and operator of the Mt. Begbie Brewing Company in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada
  • Jimmy Bartolotta, August 2011
    Jimmy Bartolotta is a basketball player who studied physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has played professionally in Italy and Iceland
  • The Invisible Physicist, July 2011
    To coincide with this issue on invisibility, this month's column profiles an "invisible physicist"
  • Paul Friedlander, June 2011
    Paul Friedlander is a London-based light sculptor and scientific artist
  • Andy Love, May 2011
    Andy Love is the Member of Parliament for Edmonton, UK
  • Rob Cook, April 2011
    Rob Cook is vice-president of advanced technology at Pixar Animation Studios
  • Ene Ergma, February 2011
    Ene Ergma has served as the Speaker of Estonia's parliament, the Riigikogu, since 2007
  • Roshan Rivetna, January 2011
    Roshan Rivetna is a Zoroastrian matchmaker and former editor of FEZANA Journal, the official publication of the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America
  • Phil Bredesen, December 2010
    Democrat Phil Bredesen has served as Governor of Tennessee since 2002
  • David Rosenthal, November 2010
    David Rosenthal is an artist based in Cordova, Alaska, who specializes in painting and drawing Arctic and Antarctic landscapes
  • John Hemming, October 2010
    John Hemming is the Member of Parliament for Birmingham Yardley, UK
  • Liv Boeree, September 2010
    Liv Boeree is a professional poker player and winner of the 2010 European Poker Tour
  • John Gottman, August 2010
    John Gottman is a psychologist who specializes in the study of relationships
  • Jean Boulton, July 2010
    Jean Boulton is a visiting fellow, specializing in complexity theory, at Cranfield and Bristol business schools
  • Marianne Dyson, June 2010
    Marianne Dyson is a freelance writer and former NASA flight controller
  • Fausto Morales, May 2010
    Puzzle-games designer Fausto Morales describes his career as "a nomadic adventure in pursuit of interesting problems"
  • B S Prakash, April 2010
    B S Prakash is India's ambassador to Brazil
  • Amira Sa'id, March 2010
    Amira Sa'id is a professional belly-dancer
  • David Roy, February 2010
    David Roy is a sculptor who produces spring-driven moving artworks through his company Wood That Works
  • Tom Wanne, January 2010
    Tom Wanne is the chief executive officer of a saxophone-mouthpiece manufacturer, Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces
  • Steve MacLean, December 2009
    Astronaut Steve MacLean is president of the Canadian Space Agency
  • Elspeth Drayson, November 2009
    The co-owner and administrator of Drayson Racing, a Le Mans Series motor-racing team
  • Kathryn Jackson, October 2009
    The senior vice president and chief technology officer at Westinghouse Electric Company
  • Subramaniam Ramadorai, September 2009
    The chief executive of Tata Consultancy Services
  • Conrad C Lautenbacher Jr, August 2009
    Retired US Navy Vice Admiral Conrad C Lautenbacher Jr served as the administrator of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) from 2001 to 2008
  • Bruce McWilliams, July 2009
    Life at the top of a semiconductor company
  • Scott Russell Sanders, June 2009
    The essayist and English professor with his roots in physics
  • Nick Horvath, May 2009
    From physics to professional basketball
  • Vijay Iyer, April 2009
    From physics to acclaimed jazz musician
  • David Florence, March 2009
    The Nottingham University graduate who won a silver medal in canoeing at the Beijing Olympics
  • Zhengrong Shi, February 2009
    From laser physics to solar power: the founder and chief executive of Suntech Power
  • Christine Rice, January 2009
    How a physics degree at Oxford led to a career in opera
  • Ali Parsa, December 2008
    The managing partner of Circle private-healthcare partnership
  • Subhankar Banerjee, October 2008
    From physics to Arctic photography
  • Theo Jansen, October 2008
    The Dutch artist who makes “living” beach sculptures that can move
  • Umberto Guidoni, September 2008
    Umberto Guidoni is a former astronaut and a member of the European Parliament, belonging to the Party of Italian Communists
  • Al Powell, August 2008
    A life in mountain running
  • Frank Reed, July 2008
    The creator of innovative desktop map software on making history come to life
  • Once a physicist:Eddie Morland, May 2008
    The journey from British Rail to head of the UK's Heath and Safety Laboratory
  • Ian Leigh, May 2008
    From the National Physical Laboratory to director of Postwatch
  • Kris Gopalakrishnan, April 2008
    An interview with the chief executive of Indian-based IT giant Infosys
  • Salvator Roberto Amendolia, February 2008
    The science attaché to the Italian Embassy in London
  • Chris Rapley, February 2008
    The new boss of London’s Science Museum on solar flares, climate change and communicating with the public
  • Tony Hey, January 2008
    Microsoft's vice president for external research explains what he does
  • Alastair Reynolds, December 2007
    The jump from space science to science fiction
  • Fred Kavli, November 2007
    A generous mind
  • Ray Bowden, October 2007
    The City financier with a taste for wine
  • Chandrika Nath, September 2007
    From particle physics to science advisor
  • Sergi Jordà , August 2007
    The inventor of the 3D display industry
  • Lenny Lipton, July 2007
    The inventor of the 3D display industry
  • Walter Ray Williams Jr, June 2007
    Statistics separates strikes from spares
  • Burnaby Q Orbax, May 2007
    Fire balls inspired the study of physics
  • Mike Long, April 2007
    Speechwriter and newspaper columnist based in Washington DC
  • Elon Musk, March 2007
    Internet entrepreneur sets his sights on space
  • Randall Munroe, February 2007
    Cartoonist ponders the physics of humour

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