Your future with physics: Career directions

Physics graduates have a wealth of career opportunities open to them – so much so that it can get a little confusing.

So whether you already have a physics degree or are just thinking about studying the subject at university, you’ll want to take some time to sift through your long-term options and decide what would suit you best.

To help you, we’ve researched the job sectors that might appeal, with links to further information if you’re interested. For some, you may need further qualifications or a higher degree, so we’ve included a brief guide to the many master’s and PhD courses out there.

If you want more information, visit, which lists popular career choices for physicists plus options for research and further degrees. You can also visit Prospects, a comprehensive careers guidance site, and Inside Careers for more tips and ideas on looking for a job. 

The various skills that studying physics develops are useful far beyond the lab, and are valued in a vast range of careers. In these videos, physics graduates talk about how physics is relevant to their working lives today.

Kirsty Smith

Henry Lau 

Francesca di Guiseppe

Caroline Allen

Alex Yudin

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