I am thinking of a career change

Feeling a little stuck? Looking for a fresh start and new challenges? We have the information you need to start thinking about changing your career.

Start by reviewing your career options. You might even fancy a career break. If you've lost your job we have some advice.

The IOP also offers members The Physicist’s Guide to Changing Your Career and the New Directions booklet and Equilibrium - A Physicist’s Guide to Managing Career Breaks and Achieving Career Balance (member sign in required).

If you're after a new job it goes without saying you're going to need an up-to-date CV. Check out our top CV tips. We also have advice on application forms, psychometric tests, interview techniques and more.

Your next employer will also want to see you can demonstrate key skills such as teamwork and communication. Effective networking skills can help land that dream job.

Not sure what that dream job is? Explore the different sectors that physicists work in. If you want to leave physics altogether read about those who've done the same with Once a Physicist.

New Directions

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