I am a researcher

If you are a PhD student or a post-doctoral researcher this section of the website contains tailored advice and information.

It is here to provide information and advice on how to make the most of your time in academia as well as tips on boosting your employability, be it in an academic career or further afield.

There is information on funding, career progression and promotion as well as how to develop on the key skills that will help you to stand out in a competitive job market and be effective as a researcher.

We also have case studies of past and present researchers. Their stories illustrate the benefit of networking, collaboration, writing publications and of course working as a researcher. This section of the site also includes a set of questions to ask your own contacts about their career paths. This way you can put together your own tailored advice for your research area.

PhD students should read Moving on: The physics PhD student’s guide to boosting employability as it contains useful information on:

  • The value research experience can add to your career
  • How to take control of your career
  • Tips on how to make your career transition

This section will continue to develop in response to your feedback and suggestions, so if you have any ideas or thoughts on what would most benefit you, please let us know: members.careers@iop.org

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