Limit Less Careers Week 2021

What careers can doing physics open up? Explore the resources from Careers Week 2021 to find out!

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Careers Week 2021 may be over but you can enjoy the recordings from the three panel sessions featuring an amazing range of speakers.

As part of National Careers Week 2021, we offered a stimulating programme of online events for young people and their teachers to discover what doing physics can open up and how our careers can address some of the big global challenges that young people care about.

Over the week, a total of 885 students and teachers attended our events, representing 74 schools across the UK and Ireland, with 33 physicists generously offering to share their expertise and experiences.

Careers Week programme

Our 2021 programme was themed around the role of physics and physicists in addressing global challenges and included three online panel discussions, which you can watch recordings of below.

Session 1: Climate Change

Hosted by Jonathan Lansley-Gordon, our Climate Change panel discussion featured Naaza Zimba, Allan Simpson, Dr Kristin Burmeister and Dr José Luis Ramírez Mendiola.

Session 2: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Dr Clara Barker hosted our second discussion, including contributions from Dr Luke Davis, Matthew Goundry, Matthew Watkins and Raquel Velasco.

Session 3: Physics in Medicine

Dr Yolanda Ohene chaired the final panel session, with speakers Heidi Hernandez, Jamie Mewburn-Crook, Sophie Martin and Lauren Byrne.

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