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Physics at university: Four films about inspirational physics students

Everyone’s physics journey is different – and every experience of studying physics at university is unique. Meet four students who have taken very different paths to pursue their passion for physics.

For the launch of our Bell Burnell Graduate Scholarship Fund, we travelled around the UK and Ireland to meet some remarkable young physicists to hear their stories.

We wanted to understand why they chose physics, what they’re studying – and how they got to where they are.

Meet Stephanie, a third year PhD student at Queen’s University Belfast, specialising in the atmospheres of exoplanets:

Meet Ozi, a fourth-year undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh, studying astrophysics:

Meet Selina, a second year PhD student at Liverpool exploring where medical physics meet particle physics:

Meet Najnin, a Marie Curie PhD student in biomedical optics at the advanced imaging group of University College Dublin: 

Career stories

Hear from people working in some of the most rewarding, exciting and innovative industries about what their jobs involve and how studying physics helped to get them there.

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