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Awards: Education

Nominate an outstanding teacher or someone who has made a contribution to education.

Teacher and students in physics classroom

Teachers of Physics Award

The Teachers of Physics awards celebrate the success of secondary school physics teachers who have raised the profile of physics and science in schools.

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Lawrence Bragg Medal

Lawrence Bragg Medal and Prize

For physics education

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Marie Curie-Sklodowska Medal

Marie Curie-Sklodowska Medal and Prize

For distinguished contributions to physics education

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Daphne Jackson Medal

Daphne Jackson Medal and Prize

For exceptional early career contributions to physics education

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Technician Award winners 2019

Technician Award

The IOP Technician Award recognises and celebrates the skills and experience of technicians and their contribution to physics.

Read about our 2019 winners.

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IOP Honorary Fellow with IOP President

Honorary Fellowship

Our Honorary Fellowships reward exceptional individuals.

See our list of Honorary Fellows and find out more about their work.

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