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A technology that delivers environmental benefits, with significant savings in cost and energy while allowing applications that were previously impossible.

About the company

Aeristech engine car

Aeristech was founded in 2006 to develop fully electric turbocharger technology. In the process it invented the world’s fastest electrically-driven centrifugal compressor.




Game-changing applications

Aeristech has developed a range of variable speed motor sizes based on Aeristech Control Technology (ACT). Three applications have been commercialised based on coupling an ACT motor to a compressor wheel. The resulting centrifugal compressors spin twice as fast as any other compressors, delivering oil-free air at pressures and in quantities previously only possible if using a positive displacement compressor.

The Aeristech centrifugal compressor has game-changing applications:

  • As an electric supercharger it can supply the air to an 800cc automobile internal combustion engine that delivers the performance of an engine three times its size, without turbolag. Using smaller engines allows reductions of up to 26% in fuel consumption and emissions. Manufacturers will market mass produced cars with Aeristech compressors in 2020 for the first time. Engine sizes will be 1.0, 1.1 and 1.4 litres.
  • Fuel cells that use expensive, inefficient positive displacement compressors expend over a quarter of their output on pressurising their inlet air supply. In comparison, an Aeristech centrifugal compressor uses 40% less energy.
  • Aeristech has developed a range of models suitable for different fuel cell sizes, which can power anything from fork lifts to large vehicles. Seven potential customers are trialling demonstration compressors. The company has been awarded an EU Horizon 2020 of €827,000 to fund further development of its fuel cell compressor design.

Aeristech is also testing the world’s first centrifugal compressor for use in industry. The 30kW air compressor has three stages. Using up to 30% less energy than its competitors, it supplies oil-free air at a pressure of 8 bars. Aeristech expect it to change the industrialised production of compressed air.

Further information

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