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Business and innovation

Advanced Hall Sensors

Advanced Hall Sensors Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of semiconductor Quantum Well Hall Effect (QWHE) magnetic sensors. It supplies to a global customer base in industrial, medical and oil and gas industries, servicing demanding environments ranging from extremes of temperatures to very high sensitivity applications.

Advanced Hall Sensors Ltd has developed and commercialised a highly novel compound semiconductor magnetic sensor based on the QWHE. The quantum nature of the design and materials structure delivers huge gains in dynamic range, sensitivity and temperature stability over competing sensor technology.

Advanced Hall Sensors infographic

The device has already unlocked an unrivalled sensing performance which is displacing traditional silicon hall sensors in high-end applications, such as fine-pitch metrology and high-sensitivity current sensing, with over 10 million discrete QWHE sensors sold in multiple global markets over the last five years.

The company is now undertaking specialist system development to produce unique solutions underpinned by the performance and intellectual property embedded in the chip-scale QWHE sensor. Examples include:

  • development of a hand-held magnetic camera as a cost-effective solution for rapid personal security screening with 2D imaging and threat discrimination capability
  • realisation of a rapid-scan, non-destructive test solution for identifying mm-scale, sub-surface defects in metallic components
  • an ultra-high resolution magnetic imaging system using a monolithic QWHE sensor array, which has demonstrated micron-scale imaging of microstructures such as domain wall boundaries in high-value materials including electro steels

Advanced Hall Sensors has enabled cost-effective, accessible nanoTesa scale magenetometry, generating many new real-world applications.

Potential application of Advanced Hall Sensors