USN Committee

Committee for the University Student Network

Kenza Tazi – Treasurer

Hi ! I’m Kenza, the new USN treasurer.
I’m a 2nd year undergraduate Physics student at Imperial College London. I joined the committee to see more student events held around the country, draw in more funding opportunities for young Physicists and organise further tours in and outside the UK. I’m also looking forward to working closely with the London South East branch to get more students benefiting from what the IOP has to offer. I can’t wait to start creating a more proactive and interactive University Student Network.

Ben Fernando – Chair

Hey! I’m a first-year PhD Student at St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford. I did my undergraduate degree at Imperial College London, where in my final year I was also the treasurer of the USN. My masters’ project looked at the magnetic and plasma environments around Saturn using data from the Cassini spacecraft. I’m really excited to be the chair of the USN this year - if you have any questions or comments please feel free to send them my way.

Luke Higgins – Secretary

This year I’ll be acting as the secretary of the student network committee. I completed my undergraduate masters in physics at the University of Kent in 2016, and I’m now studying for a PhD at the CDT in Bioenergy at Leeds University. This year I hope to encourage physics societies at universities across the country to come together and be heard as a collective voice by the Institute of Physics. I hope this will also spur on more activities, collaborations, trips and events that will help to enrich the physics student experience!

Ana Jejina – Ordinary Member

I am Ana, and I am an ordinary committee member. I am studying BSci Natural Sciences (Physics) part-time with the Open University, and I should be graduating in 2018. As a committee member, I want to help to organise more trips and events for physics students and provide more opportunities for people from different universities to meet each other. I will also be trying to post interesting things on the social media, and helping communicate what is going at the University Student Network.

Jade Li – CAPS Liaison

I’m the Conference of Astronomy and Physics Students (CAPS) representative on the USN as well as the Vice-Chair of CAPS ‘17, to be held at UCL in June 2017. I’m a 2nd year Physics undergraduate at University College London, and I love Physics because it has so many real-world applications. From being the CAPS representative, I aim to be the bridge between the IOP USN and CAPS committees; ensuring we all work together to create an enjoyable conference that runs smoothly.

Ian Rye Carriegas – Ordinary Member

Hi, I’m Ian. I’m studying physics with foundation year as a first-year student at Newcastle University. I’ve noticed a lack of awareness for the IOP among students as well as the events they run, this is why I want to be part of the USN; Raise awareness for the fantastic events organised as well as the good work that the IOP does. I am also keen to help the organisation of events and provide priceless experiences for countless students. I am ready to learn and confront the challenge ahead.

Illias Konstantino – Ordinary Member

As an ordinary member of the IOP-USN committee, I contribute in my own little way from running events smoothly to organising trips across the UK and abroad. Currently I am pursuing my PhD studies in Imperial College on the mathematical modelling of the fluid dynamics of the drug-delivery process into the brain. Having been part of the student-staff committee in my undergraduate studies in Newcastle University, it gave me confidence and the opportunity to interact with members of staff in a way that I would have otherwise not been able to, thus building my interpersonal and communication skills.

Benjie Cowan – Vice Chair

Hello! I’m a second-year undergraduate studying Mathematics and Physics. This is also my second year with the USN. Previously I served as an ordinary member but was the liaison for the International Association of Physics Students (IAPS). This year I am Vice Chair. I will be dedicating my time to ensure, we, as a committee provide opportunities for students from the UK and Ireland to engage and meet other students during trips, events and conferences.

Silas O’Toole – Republic of Ireland Representative

Hi! I am a third-year undergrad of theoretical physics in University College Dublin in Ireland. I am the representative for the republic of Ireland.  I am hoping to be able to help connect young physicist from both the UK and Ireland and to help them connect with the greater physics community as well. I hope to be able to help collaborate on events between the two countries but also to raise awareness about all the events going on as I have noticed a lack of knowledge about these events in Irish universities.

If you would like to contact the University Student Network, please email