Physicists in Primary Schools Project - Further information

The activities are fun and all the topics include activities which involve the whole group of children.

The kit used is mainly articles which are familiar to the children, easy to obtain and many are found around the home. This means that the children can replicate the activities for their friends and families.

The presentations start with very basic concepts, link with the curriculum and end by explaining applications of recent research in the children’s everyday lives.

The detailed plans provide full instruction about all the activities and the facts that are being explained. The PowerPoint presentations have few words but provide illustrations, continuity and summaries. They are not intended to be ‘lecture notes’.

All the material can be adapted by you to fit in with your interests or research so that you can make a personal presentation with the basic facts from the website ideas. Please note that if you add extra activities they will not be included in the safety notes provided on these web pages.

There are also video clips of the team working with groups of children to illustrate the enthusiasm of the children and that visiting primary schools is both enjoyable and very worthwhile. Children are delighted to meet a ‘real scientist’.

All the material is free to download - the Institute of Physics holds the copyright and we ask that you read the terms and conditions of use before starting. Please acknowledge that you have used the PIPS material in your presentation.

The section, 'Before your visit' provides helpful information about contacting schools and preparing for a visit.

The safety notes have been checked by an ex-director of CLEAPSS

The presentations finish with important messages explaining that:

  • there are lots of unanswered questions and if they become scientists they might find some of the answers.
  • physics is everywhere
  • scientists do amazing things
  • they should keep asking questions
  • science saves lives

Be prepared: young children can ask penetrating questions! Don’t be afraid to say you will find an answer and let their teacher know! This provides a great way to follow up a visit.

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