Evaluation is an essential part of any public engagement activity - it allows you to see what has been successful and what can be improved on next time. Here is a list of resources to help you evaluate your project.

NCCPE - Engagement pages
A wonderful source of great evaluation information and resources from the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE). Especially good for those new to evaluation.

RCUK - Evaluation: Practical Guidelines
A comprehensive starter guide to evaluation from RCUK, BIS and NCCPE. Covers all aspects of the mechanics of evaluation as well as links to further resources.

Museum Libraries and Archives Council - Generic Learning (and Social) Outcomes
This website contains an introduction to generic learning and social outcomes and links to additional resources. Includes a question bank to help you write questions that get you the information you’re looking for. Brilliant for helping you frame what you’re trying to achieve. Targeted towards museums, libraries and archives but can be used by all.

Royal Academy of Engineering - Ingenious Evaluation Toolkit
A general, introductory guide to doing evaluation aimed at holders of an Ingenious grant from the Royal Academy of Engineering but includes generic advice of use to anyone.

Science Museum – Sharing expertise
A resource toolkit designed for museums and science centres containing expert tips and practical advice that can often be applied to any public engagement with science activity.

British Science Association - Collective Memory
A database of evaluations for a diverse range of public engagement activities. Useful reference for the research phase of a project to see if someone has done a similar project before in order to learn from the experience of others.

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