Summaries of previous IOP WIPG events

The Lives and Times of Pioneering Women in Physics – Wednesday 4th March 2015

This was a one-day meeting which included talks on "Marie Curie: Pioneer of Radioactivity" by Hélène Langevin-Joliot (granddaughter of Marie Curie); "Lise Meitner: Pioneer of Nuclear Fission" by Gerry Lander; "Edith Stoney: Pioneer of Medical Physics" by Francis Duck; "Mary Somerville, and her Work in Astronomy and Optics" by Allan Chapman and "Daphne Jackson: First Female Physics Professor in the UK" by Gillian Gehring. There were also talks on "The Contribution of Women to Physics; a Historical Overview" by Gillian Butcher; "Women in Crystallography" by Kate Crennell; and "History’s Lessons: Opportunities and Challenges for Women in Physics Today" by Heather Williams.

Please see the agenda for more details of the event.

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