Summaries of previous IOP WIPG events

Getting Back into the Workplace - Tuesday 30 April 2019

This was a one-day meeting aimed at women returning to the workplace after a career break.

Providing hands-on support and advice, a wide variety of issues associated with returning to paid employment were addressed.

Employers and experts offered practical guidance on confidence building, goal setting, identifying skills and possible career paths, updating CVs, and using LinkedIn and social media. There were opportunities for mock interviews by employers, information on schemes to help people return to work, open panel discussion and networking.

Here are some of the workshop presentations that you may find useful:

Further details of the day are available including the programme. Tweets from the day can be found using #IOPReturntowork2019. 

We hope to repeat this event in the future.

The Lives and Times of Pioneering Women in Physics – Wednesday 4th March 2015

This was a one-day meeting which included talks on "Marie Curie: Pioneer of Radioactivity" by Hélène Langevin-Joliot (granddaughter of Marie Curie); "Lise Meitner: Pioneer of Nuclear Fission" by Gerry Lander; "Edith Stoney: Pioneer of Medical Physics" by Francis Duck; "Mary Somerville, and her Work in Astronomy and Optics" by Allan Chapman and "Daphne Jackson: First Female Physics Professor in the UK" by Gillian Gehring. There were also talks on "The Contribution of Women to Physics; a Historical Overview" by Gillian Butcher; "Women in Crystallography" by Kate Crennell; and "History’s Lessons: Opportunities and Challenges for Women in Physics Today" by Heather Williams.

Please see the agenda for more details of the event.

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