PPG/DPOLY Polymer Lecture Exchange

In order to strengthen ties between the Division of Polymer Physics (DPOLY) of the American Physical Society (APS) and the Polymer Physics Group (PPG), a PPG/DPOLY Polymer Lecture Exchange was established in 2009. 

Starting with meetings in 2009 and offering every two years to coincide with PPG biennial meetings, each group will choose a young polymer scientist who will present an invited lecture at the meeting of the other group.

Previous recipients (PPG/DPOLY):

2017: Andrew Parnell (University of Sheffield) - Michael Hore (Case Western Reserve University)

2015: Paola Carbone (University of Manchester) - Bryan Boudouris (Purdue University)

2013: James Adams (University of Surrey) - Rodney Priestley (Princeton)

2011: Giuseppe Battaglia (University of Sheffield) - Bradley Olsen (Massachusetts Institute)

2009: Aline Miller (University of Manchester) - Connie Roth (Emory University)

More information at www.aps.org

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