Rutherford Plasma Physics Communication Prize Winner 2018

1 May 2018

The Rutherford Prize for the Communication of Plasma Physics is an annual award hosted by the IOP plasma physics group and is sponsored by STFC.

It recognises the activity of a member of the community as being exemplary in an effort to promote, enthuse, communicate and educate the public on plasma physics.

A panel of three judges is appointed which includes one plasma physicist, one non-plasma physicist who is very experienced in science outreach and communication, and one public engagement expert. They score the applicants on the following criteria: presentation, scientific accuracy, impact, awareness, media skills, and innovation.

This year’s winner scored highly in all these areas with their activity noted as encompassing many outreach and media elements.

Dr Jena Meinecke, Oxford University, is the 2018 winner of the Rutherford Prize for the Communication of Plasma Physics.  Jena was the lead organiser for the 2017 Royal Society Summer Exhibition stand ‘How to Make a Supernova’, which featured plasma research conducted on large laser facilities (focused on AWE’s Orion laser) to recreate astrophysical environments in the lab.

Jena led a collaborative team of 34 physicists from Imperial College London, Oxford University and AWE and contributed by directing, writing and featuring in the Royal Society YouTube promotional film; designing and writing promotional material for the event; designing the exhibition stand; leading the creation of demonstration equipment; and working with broadcast and online media outlets.

The stand was visited by general public, school groups and VIP guests, with over 10,000 people attending the exhibition over the week. Congratulations Jena!

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