The 15th UK Technological Plasma Workshop

12 February 2018

The 15th Technological Plasma Workshop (TPW’17) was held in Coventry alongside the Vacuum Symposium at the Vacuum Expo at the Ricoh Arena, on the 11th and 12th of October 2017.

The Technological Plasma Workshop is principally a UK-based international forum in science and technology of plasmas and gas discharges. This year it was attended by 60 delegates and the conference programme consisted of 2 invited talks, 17 oral talks and many poster presentations from a mixture of UK and international institutes. TPW’17 was themed on “Plasmas and Liquids: Sources, diagnostics, modelling and applications” with two invited talks on Chemistry induced by atmospheric plasma in aqueous liquids by Dr P Lukes (Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic) and Plasma medicine - beyond the long lived species by Dr. K Wende (INP, Germany). Other presentations covered diverse topics ranging from chemical probes for plasma diagnostics, atmospheric-pressure plasmas for biomedical, agricultural and environmental applications, computational studies of low-pressure and atmospheric-pressure plasmas, the use of micro-discharges for the production of high current density electron beams for the generation of THz radiation and laser ablation of metal and metal-oxide targets.

Kay Tor of Swansea University was awarded the best student poster prize supported by the Vacuum Symposium for her work on the removal of pharmaceuticals in waste water through non-thermal plasma treatment to impede antimicrobial resistance.

A TPW AGM was held on the second day of the conference and it was agreed TPW 2018 to be collocated with the Vacuum Symposium at the Vacuum Expo at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

The support of IoP Plasma Physics Group, the IOP Dielectric and Electrostatic Group and the Vacuum Expo which had over 120 delegates presenting at the symposium subsidised the two day conference and their support is greatly appreciated. The workshop based within the wider Vacuum Symposium was used as a form for exploring collaborative opportunities between the academic and industrial communities. The Ricoh Arena is an excellent venue with high quality attendees and provided the ideal meeting place for the next generation of researchers in this field to engage with leading researchers in both academia and in the wider plasma and vacuum based industries. We look forward to seeing you at TPW 2018 at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry UK on the 10th and 11th of October 2018.

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