Student and Group Prize

The Printing and Graphics Science Group makes awards each year, if there are suitable applicants.

Printing and Graphics Science Group Student Presentation Prize

This prize is open to all research students currently undertaking work at a university in the UK or Ireland, leading to a PhD or Masters degree, who present their work at the annual Printing and Graphic Science Group Student Conference. The Group will award a prize of £50 for the best Student Presentation in each of two days of the conference.

Day 1: James Bannock, Imperial College London : Scalable Droplet Flow Techniques for the Controlled Synthesis of Semiconducting Polymers

Day 2: Andrew Musser, University of Cambridge: Singlet Exciton Fission in Unconventional Systems

In addition a prize was given for the best poster at the Student Conference.

Poster Prize: George Richardson, Imperial College London: Refractive index patterning for polymer photonics

The next student conference is co-organised with the KTN with special interest in Plastic Electronics. It will be held April 22, at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, M3 4FP.

The UK Plastic Electronics Research Conference is a two-day event providing researchers from UK universities with the opportunity to showcase their work to industry and academia.

Presentations are at postgraduate level on any subject related to printed, plastic, organic and large area electronics. Potential topics could comprise, but are not restricted to, recent developments in applications, materials and processing. Examples include applications, OLEDs, OPVs, smart packaging, printed biosensors, developments in thin film printing or vacuum processing and in understanding of underpinning physics.

The conference are a great opportunity for researchers to present their work and to meet others from around the country who are working in similar fields.

Presentations will be a 10-minute oral presentation and a poster.

This event is open to all. The registration for speakers is free and will include lunch and refreshments. Furthermore, funds are available from the IOP Printing and Graphic Science Group for basic travel expenses of speakers.

There will be several prizes awarded for the best student presentations at the conference.

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Printing and Graphics Science Group Prize

The 2013 Group Prize was awarded to Dr Laura Gonzalez-Macia and Professor Tony Killard of the University of the West of England for their paper 'Inkjet Printing at the Heart of Sensors and Diagnostics'.

The Printing and Graphics Science Group of the Institute of Physics will present an annual prize to an individual or organisation that has contributed a significant theoretical or practical application of physics in the area of printing and graphics science.

The winner will be invited to present their work and receive their prize at the Group AGM towards the end of the year.

Submissions for the prize should explain the contribution for the non-specialist and its significance, in 4 A4 pages including figures. They should be sent to