Student prize

The Printing and Graphics Science Group makes awards each year, if there are suitable applicants.

Printing and Graphics Science Group Student Presentation Prize

This prize is open to all research students currently undertaking work at a university in the UK or Ireland, leading to a PhD or master’s degree, who present their work at the annual Printing and Graphic Science Group Student Conference. The Group will award a prize of £50 for the best student.

The last student conference was co-organised with the KTN with special interest in Plastic Electronics. It was held on 22 April at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester.

The UK Plastic Electronics Research Conference was a one-day event providing researchers from UK universities with the opportunity to showcase their work to industry and academia.

Presentations were at postgraduate level on a number of subjects related to printed, plastic, organic and large-area electronics.

Presentations were a 10-minute oral presentations.

There were two prizes of equal merit awarded for the best student presentations at the conference.


Javier Ledesma Fernandez, University of Nottingham, on the subject of Jetting of conductive pastes for printed electronic applications.





Sheida Faraji, University of Manchester, on the subject of Low-voltage, flexible organic transistors using novel solution-processed nanocomposite dielectrics.