Particle Accelerators and Beams Group

The Particle Accelerators and Beams (PAB) Group aim to promote the professional standing of workers in the field of particle accelerators, through exposure, events, outreach and increased academic profile.

The Group’s interest areas include, but are not restricted to, the following topics:

  • Accelerator technology, including magnets, pulsed power, and radio-frequency systems
  • Advanced concepts for accelerators
  • Applications of accelerators, especially medical and industrial
  • Beam dynamics, including electrodynamics
  • Circular colliders
  • Control systems and accelerator operation
  • High energy hadron accelerators
  • Instrumentation for accelerators
  • Low energy accelerators, including electrostatic, linear, and cyclotron accelerators
  • Lepton accelerators, both electron and muon/neutrino
  • Synchrotron radiation light sources, including free-electron lasers
  • Particle sources for accelerators

The Particle Accelerators and Beams Group welcomes all members of the Institute involved in this topic to become members of this Group.

The Group organises a number of meetings each year, including an Annual Meeting, and topical meetings to aid progress in particular subjects of interest. Please contact a member of the Group committee if you have any suggestions for topical meetings of interest to the Group members.

The Group awards prizes to recognise contribution to the field of particle accelerators and beams, nominated by Group members:

  • an award for outstanding individual contribution to the field
  • student poster prizes awarded at our annual meeting

The PAB Group publishes a biannual newsletter, and encourages Group members to publicise items of interest to the community.

The group also uses its Twitter account to publicise events of interest to the field of particle accelerators.


The current issue of the Particle Accelerators and Beams Group newsletter


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