Recent Meetings

The Physical Acoustics Group organises two main events per year: The Annual Tutorial Day and the Anglo-French Physical Acoustics Conference (AFPAC).

The 2017 Tutorial Day addressed the topic of "Physical Acoustics of Inhomogenous Media":

The 2016 Tutorial Day addressed the topic of "Image formation across the length scales":

  • Ultrasonic Array Imaging for NDT, Prof B Drinkwater, University of Bristol
  • Seismic Imaging and underground reservoir monitoring, Dr Artem Kashubin, (ex Schlumberger) now Imperial College London
  • Medical Imaging and super resolution imaging, Dr Robert Eckersley, Kings College London

The 2015 Tutorial Day addressed the topic of Acoustic Metamaterials and Complex Propagation Problems:

  • Acoustic metasurfaces: holey plates and thin gaps Prof J R Sambles, University of Exeter
  • Propagating high-frequency, noisy wave-fields in a ray-chaotic environment Dr Gregor Tanner, The University of Nottingham
  • Acoustic black holes as elements of metamaterials Prof Victor V. Krylov, Loughborough University

The 2014 Tutorial Day was on the topic Inverse Problems in Acoustics with presentations by Dr Claire  Prada (Institut Langevin, Paris), Dr Tony Mulholland (Strathclyde) and Dr Samuel Powell (UCL).

Physical Acoustics Tutorial Day 2013. Three external speakers were invited to present tutorials. This year’s theme was "Ultrasound in Action" and the three tutorials were on:

  • Bioeffects of ultrasound
    Gail ter Haar, Professor of Therapy Ultrasound
    Division of Radiotherapy and Imaging, The Institute of Cancer Research
  • High power ultrasonic reactors and fields
    Tony Gachagan, Reader
    University of Strathclyde
  • Acoustic tweezing - ultrasonic radiation forces, streaming and applications
    Dr Peter Glynne-Jones, New Frontiers Fellow, Electromechanical research group
    University of Southampton

The speakers for the 2012 Tutorial Day with the theme “Modelling techniques in physical Acoustics” were:

  • Dr. Steve Langdon (University of Reading, UK)
  • Dr. Patrick Macy (National Physics Laboratory, UK)
  • Dr. Andrew Nowacki (University of Bristol, UK)

The speakers for the 2011 Tutorial Day with the theme “Sound and Light” were:

  • Dr. Emanuel Bossy (ESPCI, Paris, France)
  • Dr. Steve Morgan (University of Nottingham, UK)
  • Dr. Robert Mettin (University of Goettingen, Germany)

IOP members can download their presentations from MyIOP (once you have logged in, click sitemap in the bottom right hand-corner, under get involved click Physical Acoustics Group and there you will find the file archive. The files are stored in the file archive).

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