Group Prize

Nominations are now sought for the Franks Thesis Prize.

Visualisation of nano physics

This prize will be awarded by the Nanoscale Physics and Technology Group (NPTG) of the Institute of Physics (IOP) for the best PhD thesis completed by a student member of the NPTG in 2014. 

The value of the prize is £500 and was established to encourage and recognise high quality research and scientific writing in the broad research fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology. 

The Franks prize is jointly funded by the NPT group and the National Physical Laboratory.

Nomination Process
Supervisors of the PhD research make the nominations and should send, by email, the thesis abstract, a list of publications stemming from the thesis research, a supporting letter, and a statement from the external examiner to the Chair of the Nanoscale Physics and Technology Group (currently Steven Schofield , University College London; email: at any time before the closing date of 31 January 2015. 

The qualifying period is the calendar year 2014, during which time the thesis must have been successfully examined for a PhD and the final version submitted (theses originally submitted in 2013 are therefore eligible if they were examined in 2014).