Nuclear Industry Group

Welcome to the Nuclear Industry Group, formed in 2010. This is the group for physicists involved with or interested in the nuclear industry.

We are concerned with all aspects of the industry, including both the civil and defence-related sectors, and reflect the diverse roles that physicists have within it.

We hold relevant speaker meetings at least once a quarter, tours to facilities and actively encourage. Meetings are held in a variety of UK locations to reflect the geographical spread of our members and at times which are sensitive to regular working hours.

Particularly we support professional development and networking opportunities. We encourage members to achieve formal status as physicists, such as becoming Chartered or a Fellow with the IOP, but also to continue to develop themselves throughout their career. The networking opportunities offered by the Group help support this development as well as providing opportunities to make contact with physicists with a wide range of backgrounds.

We recognise that the nuclear industry is of interest to a broad audience and so we seek to engage and include those who are not directly involved in it. The Group therefore welcomes members from a wide range of backgrounds and interests.

Whether you have been in the industry for 30 years, are a student considering a career in this sector or are someone with a general interest in this field, we look forward to welcoming you as a member and meeting you at an event soon.

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