Medical Physics Group

The Institute of Physics Medical Physics Group interests and activities relate to all areas of physics with potential for medical applications to the diagnosis and treatment of disease.


The Medical Physics Group of the Institute of Physics strives to promote and increase the visibility of physical science and scientists with interests in medical physics who are working in academia, healthcare and industry. We endeavour to keep these scientists briefed on the latest developments of applicable technologies. We campaign for training and support for our group members throughout their careers including at the early stages of their development.


The Medical Physics Group of the Institute of Physics promotes all areas of physics with potential for medical applications and fosters the exchange of ideas and collaboration between academia, healthcare and industry, with the aim of addressing a wide range of medical challenges.

The Group supports and organises scientific meetings, seminars and conferences to promote research, education, networking opportunities and provides a forum for discussions on the state of, and developments in medical physics for members as well as non-members in the broader community with an interest in medical physics.

The Group disseminates regular newsletters and emails to keep their members in touch with the group activities and the latest developments in Medical Physics.


The Group promotes the whole range of physics and engineering technologies applied to:

  1. Healthcare research.
  2. Diagnostics.
  3. Treatment.
  4. Intervention.
  5. Techniques for the development of pharmaceuticals.
  6. Personalised medicine.
  7. Computational modelling.
  8. Big data in the healthcare industry.

The Group is also involved in training and providing career development support for its members, in particular for those at the early career stages for which the Group promotes Early Careers’ development through:

  • networking
  • signposting of funding
  • mentoring
  • promoting a Skills Hub to help facilitate suitable training opportunities at Industrial, Academic and Clinical centres.

Group Committee


The Group committee comprises of three officers (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer), and nine ordinary members one of which is the Early Career lead and another is an experienced co-opted member. Ordinary committee members are expected to take on key organisational roles such as Events Coordinator, Website Editor and Specific Event Lead.

Committee meeting arrangements

The Group holds a total of four committee meetings per annum, with two face-to-face, in the IOP headquarters, and two via video conference.

Membership engagement activities

  • The Group committee aims to organise three or more scientific meetings and one Technology Translation meeting per annum aimed at encouraging collaboration between professionals with an interest in medical physics.
  • The Group committee awards an annual PhD postgraduate researcher prize for an outstanding thesis.
  • The Group Officers recommend applicants for the IOP Research Student Conference Fund and IOP Early Career Researcher Fund to assist with attendance at Medical Physics conferences.
  • The Groups actively encourages engagement with the industrial community through invitations to events and meeting.
  • The Group actively encourages relationships with interested professional and learned bodies.


The Group reports its activities to the IOP Groups’ Committee by submitting a report annually.


These Terms of Reference are reviewed annually.

For current threads please use our Twitter account @IOPMED.


The current issue of the Medical Physics Group newsletter


Group prize

Medical Physics Group Postgraduate Dissertation Prize

Group prize 

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