Group prize

Medical Physics Group PhD Prize 2019



Applications for the 2019 prize are open to postgraduate researchers from an institution in the UK or Ireland, whose PhD viva has taken place between 1 August 2018 and the date of the submission deadline (1 September 2019).

The candidate must be a member of the Institute of Physics.

The prize is not open to paid employees of IOP, members of its Council or members of one of its group committees.

Submission format

  • Candidate’s abstract [300 words maximum] and summary of the research [500 words maximum].
  • Candidate’s list of publications.
  • Supervisor’s reference on the candidate’s suitability for the award, including confirmation of the date of PhD viva. [500 words maximum].
  • Candidates are required to indicate in their submission whether it is, or will be, considered for a similar prize offered by another IOP group. Please note that the Committee intends to liaise with that group so that both prizes will not be awarded to the same applicant.

Evaluation criteria

The submission will be judged by an expert panel according to the following criteria:

  • conceptual originality and application potential of the results or products of their PhD research.

In particular, the submission should highlight any or all of the following aspects of the results of the research:

  • originality and potential paradigm shifting nature
  • potential for implementation in a professional healthcare setting
  • how they can address a specific clinical need or global healthcare challenge
  • originality of the research methodology and analysis
  • quality and clarity of the presentation.

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