Simon memorial prize

Professor Louis Taillefer from the University of Sherbrooke and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research will be awarded the Simon Memorial Prize for pioneering transport measurements at high magnetic fields and low temperature in heavy-fermion and cuprate superconductors. The presentation of the award will take place at the 28th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, to be held in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 9-16 August 2017.

Louis Taillefer has made several pioneering contributions to the field of unconventional superconductivity, using a number of powerful experimental techniques at low temperatures. In the heavy-fermion metals, Taillefer demonstrated using quantum oscillations that exceptionally heavy mass quasiparticles exist, he explored the behaviour of electrons near a quantum critical point, and revealed the rich phase diagrams of their exotic superconductivity. Using ultra-high magnetic fields, Taillefer discovered quantum oscillations in underdoped cuprates, revealing that they are excellent metals, and thereby opened a whole new field of exploration of these high-temperature superconductors.

The Simon Memorial Prize, established in 1957, commemorates the outstanding contributions to science of Sir Francis Simon. The prize is an international prize with no restrictions on nationality. It is awarded for distinguished work in experimental or theoretical low temperature physics.

The members of the 2017 Simon Prize Selection Committee are: Chair: J C Seamus Davis (Cornell, USA), Kimitoshi Kono (RIKEN, Japan), George Pickett (Lancaster, UK), Gerd Schön (Karlsruhe, Germany), Gilbert Lonzarich (Cambridge, UK), Andrei Golov (ex officio, Chair of IOP LT group).

A list of previous winners can be found here.

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