Chair's report: merger of Dielectrics and Electrostatics groups

29 April 2015

With innovation firmly in mind, I would also like to bring to your attention the merger of the Electrostatics Group and the Dielectrics Group of the Institute of Physics.


The proposed merger was put to the committees, then to the entirety of the group memberships by ballot. The support for the merger was almost entirely positive, positive enough to receive quick confirmation from the Institute that the merger could go ahead. The two groups share a common lengthy heritage, having existed in one form or another since 1967 for the Electrostatics Group and 1968 for the Dielectrics Group.  There is considerable overlap of the subject areas of Dielectrics and Electrostatics, and they share being multi-disciplinary in nature. The two committees have met jointly and have proposed that they work together towards an AGM for the merged group following the two big meetings of the year.  More details on this will follow.

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