Felix Weinberg prize

Felix Weinberg prize for best paper presented at the “Young Researchers” meeting, organised by the IOP Combustion Physics Group committee and held every two years.

All those presenting papers at the meeting are considered for the award. Presenters should either be research students or researchers in the early stages of their research career (having obtained their research degree in the last 5 years, allowing for career breaks).

Selection process
Acceptance of papers for presentation is by the sub-committee organising the meeting. Consideration will be given to ensuring a balance of topics, between experimental and modelling, and between industrial and academic submissions.

The candidates are judged by a panel of at least three people, selected from the Combustion community either by the committee group chair or the committee member responsible for prizes.

As the prize is awarded for the best presentation, judging is based on an assessment of both the subject matter and the delivery of the presentation.

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