Astroparticle Physics Group

The Astroparticle Physics Group was formed in 2006 in response to a widely recognised need for distinct UK representation in this rapidly expanding field.

By its very nature, astroparticle physics is highly multidisciplinary, and includes topics such as direct and indirect detection of dark matter, high energy cosmic ray studies, neutrinoless double beta decay, cosmological neutrinos and nuclear astrophysics.

The activities of the Group include:

  • Acting as a representative forum for discussion and contact to the astroparticle physics community in the UK and Ireland
  • Organisation of an Annual General Meeting for astroparticle physics community.
  • Generation and dissemination of a community newsletter
  • Providing support for half-day meetings
  • Recognition of outstanding work in astroparticle physics, rewarded with bi-annual early-career and thesis prizes


The current issue of the Astroparticle Physics Group newsletter


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