Applied Mechanics Group

The Applied Mechanics Group represents all interests concerned with the experimental, analytical and numerical analysis of static and dynamic behaviour of mechanical systems.

The understanding of stresses, deformational processes and failure of components, structures and materials exposed to various types of loading and service conditions is the key motivation for the activities of the group.

The scope of the group covers a wide range of topics such as materials characterisation; measuring and modelling residual stresses; damage assessment, identification and control; multi-functional and smart structures; multi-scale analyses; damping materials; mechanics of advanced materials under vibro-impact loading. The remit of the group covers the enabling technology that underpins analysis such as sensor development; full-field optical systems for experimental analysis; development and application of modal analysis; inverse methods; advances in finite element and boundary element analysis. The application range covers design, manufacture and vibration behaviour of aerospace components; composite materials and structures; bonded and bolted joints and connections; medical devices, surgical simulation and biological systems; energy technologies; automotive design; marine systems. An overarching theme is the synergy between experimental, numerical and analytical studies.

One-day meetings, with an appeal to both academia and industry, are a feature of the Group's activities. Recent meeting topics are listed in the Group calendar.

The Group has an active involvement in three major international conferences: Modern Practice in Stress and Vibration Analysis, DAMAS - Damage Assessment of Structures and MoSS – Mechanics of Slender Structures.

The Group’s Committee has a strong link with the ASME Technical Committee of Vibration and Sound in coordination of events.

The group is represented on the UK Forum for Applied Mechanics (FAM). FAM coordinates the UK activities in the area of applied mechanics and elects the UK representatives for the European Association for Experimental Mechanics that organises the major European conference on experimental mechanics at four yearly intervals.

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