Group Prizes

The Institute of Physics Groups offer a variety of prizes and you can find more information about those prizes in the document below. If you have found a prize that you would like to apply for please find the Group on the IOP website which should provide you with information about how to apply.

If you have any additional questions please email


GroupType of prizePrize name (if named)
Astroparticle PhysicsEarly career prizeAstroparticle Physics Early Career Prize
Biological PhysicsLecture seriesTom Duke Lecture Prize
BRSG: The Magnetic Resonance GroupPrize for very early career talk (PhD/PDRA)Founder Prize
BRSG: The Magnetic Resonance GroupPrize for early career researchersBRSG-NMR DG prize
Combustion PhysicsBest presentationFelix Weinberg
Combustion PhysicsBest poster 
Combustion PhysicsBest PhDLefebvre
Combustion PhysicsBest paperRicardo
Combustion PhysicsServices to combustionHuw Edwards
Computational PhysicsThesis PrizeComputational Physics Group Thesis Prize
Dielectrics and ElectrostaticsEarly career awardMansel Davies Prize
Environmental PhysicsEssay Competition 
Ion and Plasma Surface InteractionsCertificate and moneyIPSI Group Poster Prize
Ion and Plasma Surface Interactions Outstanding Nwsletter Contribution Prize
Ion and Plasma Surface Interactions Outstanding PhD Thesis Award
Liquids & Complex FluidsEarly Career Award 
Materials and CharacterizationPoster 
Materials and CharacterizationPoster 
Medical PhysicsMasters PrizePostgraduate Dissertation Prize
Neutron ScatteringEarly Career ResearcherBTM Willis Prize
Nuclear IndustryEarly Career Prize 
Nuclear IndustryCareer Contribution Prize 
Nuclear IndustryEarly career award 
Particle and Accelerator and BeamsOutstanding contribution prize 
Particle and Accelerator and BeamsStudent Poster Prize 
Physical AcousticsAnnual prize for best paper in Physical AcousticsBob Chivers Prize in Physical Acoustics
Physics CommunicatorsEarly CareerEarly Career Physics Communicator Award
Plasma PhysicsThesis PrizeCulham Thesis Prize
Plasma PhysicsCommunication PrizeRutherford Plasma Physics Communication Prize
Plasma PhysicsStudent Poster PrizeIOP Plasma Physics Poster Prize
Polymer PhysicsOutstanding contribution to Polymer Physics in the UK or IrelandPolymer Physics Founders Prize
Polymer PhysicsOutstanding publication by a PhD student on a subject within our Group's remitIan Macmillan Ward Prize or the Best Student Publication
Polymer PhysicsA lecture exchange with the Division of Polymer Physics of the American Physical Society (APS)PPG/DPOLY Polymer Lecture Exchange
Printing and Graphics Science GroupBest presentationStudent presentation prize
Printing and Graphics Science GroupBest presentationStudent presentation prize
QQQPoster prizePHOTON 16 QQQ poster prize
Quantum Electronics and PhotonicsThesis PrizeDoctoral Research Prize
Quantum Electronics and PhotonicsOutstanding contributionOptics and Photonics Prize (joint with optical group)
Semiconductor PhysicsBest presentationPhD student research communication prize
Structural Condensed Matter PhysicsThesis PrizePANalytical thesis prize
Structural Condensed Matter PhysicsEarly Career Publication PrizePhysical Crystallography Prize
Structural Condensed Matter PhysicsPoster PrizesPhysical Crystallography Poster Prize
SuperconductivitySuperconductivity Group Thesis Prize 
SuperconductivityPippard Prize 
Theory of Condensed MatterPoster PrizeTCM 'Theory Day' Poster Prize
Thin Films and SurfacesThesis PrizeWoodruff Thesis Prize
TribologyPhD studentPoster Award
TribologyEarly Stage ResearcherInnovation in Tribology Award
VacuumPoster PrizeVacuum Group Poster Prize
Women in PhysicsAward for achievement in research and outreachBell-Burnell Award

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