IOP Business Forum

The Institute engages with businesses across the UK and Ireland to discuss the issues that matter to them.

Through round-table meetings and business briefings, the IOP Business Forum enables decision-makers from business, industry and the economy to hear, discuss and report on the impact of new physics or changes that affect physics-based businesses in the UK and Ireland. The meetings also allow members in business to bring fresh perspectives on Institute activities, from training teachers and promoting inclusivity, to understanding research priorities and influencing government policies.

Recent IOP Business Forum meetings

Details of future IOP Business Forum events can be found in the calendar.

Recent IOP Business Briefings

Running alongside the IOP Business Forum, the Key Insight Business Briefings were high-profile meetings held at the Institute of Physics bringing together scientists, business people and policy makers to explore issues of government strategy, innovation and R&D, in the context of physics and technology-based industry.