York Instruments

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York Instruments is a technology company currently working on the next generation of magnetoencephalography (MEG) scanners. 

Their wider product range is centred around the use of magnetism for clinical diagnostics and scientific research. Magnetoencephalography is becoming established as a major neuroimaging technique.

Unlike fMRI, it allows direct temporal measurement of neuronal activity and provides improved localisation accuracy and broadband detection range as compared to EEG. 

Our MEGSCAN product is ground-breaking in that they offer a vastly improved signal-to-noise ratio through their use of hybrid quantum interference devices (HyQUID) sensors. They use zero liquid helium to achieve cryogenic cooling and incorporate low-noise, modular electronics to control their system.

Researchers and clinicians working in the fields of epilepsy, traumatic brain injury and chronic brain pathologies welcome the introduction of this high-quality research and diagnostic tool that takes advantage of core technology advances via a more usable interface, and that is cheaper to run than any comparable system on the market.

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