ONI Exosomes

ONI is passionate about democratising super-resolution microscopy and bringing it to the bench of every researcher.

To achieve this, they have designed their flagship product, the Nanoimager, which miniaturises Nobel Prize winning technology in the world’s first desktop-sized super-resolution microscope. The Nanoimager breaks the limits of microscopy by allowing scientists and doctors to visualise cellular features that were previously invisible.

The ability to optically resolve structures down to twenty nanometres has tremendous implications for the early diagnosis of disease, and for the development of effective and personalised therapy. To accelerate this progress, ONI is developing the tools that enable the automation of the entire microscopy workflow, from automatic sample preparation to AI-driven analysis tools. ONI also offers its microscopy platform as a subscription where, much like a phone contract, users get access to hardware, software, and analysis services.

ONI’s vision is to create a compact, easy-to-use product that could one day be used anywhere, from the research bench to your doctor’s office.

In just over two years, ONI has grown to a global team of more than 70 people with over 25 nationalities represented, working together to empower researchers across the world with the ultimate microscopy technology.

ONI Complete Set

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