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Lynkeos Technology Ltd is the first company in Europe to commercialise cosmic muon tomography. 

Muons are elementary particles, similar to electrons but heavier, that are produced in particle showers in the atmosphere by high-energy cosmic rays. There are about 100 muons per second per square metre at sea level and the typical muon energy is about 10,000 times the typical energy of an X-ray. This means that muons are highly penetrating, ubiquitous, natural and cost-free.

The Lynkeos Muon Imaging System uses cosmic-ray muons to provide a 3D image of the test object inside the system. Detectors above and below the object track the path travelled by the muons and sophisticated software algorithms analyse the collected data. This is similar to an X-ray CAT scan, except that the top detector replaces the X-ray source and that no artificial radiation is used.

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