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A MagnetoCardioGram (MCG) is an image of the magnetic field of the heart. For the last 50 years it has been known that this image can provide an accurate and rapid assessment of cardiac function. However, the signal from the heart is tiny and hidden inside background fields that are millions of times larger.

Historically, complex cryogenic equipment was used, which does not present a cost-effective solution for emergency medicine. Creavo Medical Technologies developed an entirely new type of room temperature induction magnetometer that enabled them to use quantum correlations between the sensors to identify and remove background noise.

Removing this noise reveals the underlying cardiac signal and enables their device to function. 

This allowed them to create a very compact device that is small, lightweight and can be moved in and around a busy emergency department. This has the potential to fundamentally change chest pain triage and allow a clinician to rapidly discharge patients who do not have cardiac-related chest pain.

The cost saving resulting from rapid triage means the hospital sees a rapid return on investment and will make substantial cost savings over the lifetime of the device.

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