Plastipack 1

Showing the wide range of companies that can benefit from simple, yet eloquent physics, the new EnergyGuard™ ST is an advanced swimming pool cover material allowing for the best energy gain while inhibiting algae growth. 

Swimming pool covers are commodity products with the potential to increase water temperature, to drastically limit evaporation, and to decrease non-ecofriendly chemical and filtration use.

The new EnergyGuard™ ST is designed to block photons necessary for photosynthesis, reducing algae, while enhancing solar-powered temperature increase. This has been possible through the conception of a long pass infrared filter absorbing all the energy in the visible and transferring directly all the heat contained in the infrared solar radiation. This new product represents a disruptive innovation enabling the company to strategically position themselves as world leading in a highly competitive market awash with low cost manufacturers.

Furthermore, the combined energy and chemicals savings represent an important environmental achievement. Critically, customers value this innovation as sales have virtually doubled within only two years of its incorporation.

Plastipack Test Facility

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