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Noise is an ever increasingly important global public health problem. High noise levels generated by industrial machinery have a significant impact on human health. Therefore increasing pressure is being placed on stakeholders in the industrial sector to deliver improvements in noise mitigation technologies. 

One particular example that we are focused on solving is the low frequency “hum” emitted by power transformers, gas/steam turbines and compressors.

Acoustic Metamaterials hold great potential for blocking noise propagation in certain frequency ranges by tuning the material's design and making use of internal periodic structures and localised tuned resonators to create bands in which limited wave propagation occurs. 

By tuning the periodic structures and resonant dampers to the specific frequency ranges of troublesome noise sources, optimised noise abatement can be obtained. This enables greater levels of noise reduction than are achieved through the use of more common abatement processes such as those based upon mass law or porous absorbers.

Sonobex have developed the first commercially available acoustic metamaterial-based technologies that are revolutionising industrial noise control and enabling unrivalled low frequency noise reduction. The use of the innovative physics-based research has enabled the development of a disruptive technology that will replace conventional, ineffective solutions into a well-established global marketplace with significant environment and societal benefits.

The technology helps reduce environmental impact and addresses increasingly strict noise control regulations and noise pollution awareness.

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