For more than 40 years, portable infrared guided Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAMs) have been spread throughout the world. This has driven the need for an effective countermeasure to protect helicopters, aircraft and particularly their crew and passengers. Used by both the military and terrorists, SAMs have been used in every conflict area around the world.

Traditional countermeasures for IR SAMs involve the use of flares, but only limited numbers can be carried on the aircraft, and they have become less effective as missile technology has evolved. The use of flares over towns also leads to fire risks. The need to provide effective and inexhaustible protection has driven the requirements for Directed Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM) Systems.

Miysis is an advanced DIRCM System. Developed over the last decade, it is sold throughout the world to protect aircraft from SAMs. 

Designed and built in the UK, it encompasses advanced technology, exploiting more than 30 years of domain knowledge and expertise in infrared countermeasures. The smallest and lightest DIRCM available today, Miysis is fully qualified and in production. 

The performance of Miysis has been shown to have a 100% success rate during UK Government and NATO tests against a range of real SAM threats.

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