Endomag Sentimag

Endomag has developed an innovative technology, currently focused on breast cancer surgery, to help surgeons locate cancerous tumours. 

The company is using magnetic field technologies as a method for detecting early-stage and often impalpable cancers. With the company’s detection probe instrument, Sentimag, an ultra-sensitive magnetometer that can detect minute quantities of magnetic material, coupled with Endomag’s ‘locating’ or ‘tracing’ products, Magseed or Magtrace, surgeons can be guided with unprecedented accuracy.

Magseed is a magnetisable seed, smaller than a grain of rice, that is inserted into the centre of a tumour to act as a beacon for surgical removal. Magseed is the only localisation device that has received FDA clearance for long-term and soft tissue implantation.

Magtrace is a magnetic fluid containing tiny iron oxide particles designed to mimic the route that spreading cancer cells are most likely to follow and is the only commercialised nanoparticle approved as a medical device.

Endomag’s system has been used successfully in more than 30,000 procedures across 300 hospitals in 30 countries and is the subject of 12 clinical publications.

Endomag Magtrace

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