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M Squared Lasers

For the development of an automated laser toolkit based on continuous-wave Ti:Sapphire laser technology. Leading researchers around the world are using SolsTiS to explore new concepts in quantum and material science technology.

Lasers are a vital tool for driving scientific understanding and making new discoveries. The demanding requirements of cutting-edge science have meant that research lasers can now be highly complex and many require careful adjustment before use. This is time consuming and makes it difficult to accurately repeat experiments.

SolsTiS was designed by M Squared Lasers as a highly detailed instrument to help scientists spend more time focusing on experiments, and less time focusing on their equipment. It is a super-compact, fully automated, modular system based on continuous-wave Ti:Sapphire laser technology, with a sealed, alignment-free cavity. After precision alignment, the laser cavity optics are “frozen” in place and never need to be adjusted again. This is made possible through a specific choice of materials and sophisticated thermo-mechanical design.

SolsTiS has enabled new discoveries and opened up new areas of experimentation. With over 150 customers globally, SolsTiS has reached sales of over £14m. Research in atomic clocks, teleportation demonstrations and antimatter experiments are just some examples of where leading researchers around the world are using this breakthrough technology.

The company

SolsTiS is responsible for the creation of in the region of 60 full-time jobs (50 across Scotland and 10 globally) for M Squared Lasers, based in the West of Scotland Science Park, Glasgow. The company explores, develops and manufactures lasers and photonic instruments that bring new capabilities, higher reliability and greater ease of use to a diverse range of application areas and industries.

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