IOP Innovation Awards 2013 winners

The companies chosen to receive IOP Innovation Awards in 2013 represent the strength and scope of physics innovation in the UK and Ireland.

Their products have impact in a diverse range of sectors, including medical technologies, oil and gas, aerospace and renewable energy.

Coherent Scotland Ltd
For the development of a range of table-top, ultra-fast tuneable lasers which have underpinned advances in the biological and medical research sectors.

Elekta Ltd
For the development of a novel multi-leaf collimator for use in radiation therapy. The innovation is at the heart of a range of successful products, enabling safer and more efficient cancer patient treatment.

Simpleware Ltd
For the development and commercialisation of a physics-based computer modelling package which has brought significant benefits to the aerospace, advanced engineering and medical technology sectors.

For the development of a gamma radiation-based thickness measurement system which has enabled significant increases in efficiency in the petrochemical industry.

Zephir Ltd
For the development and commercialisation of a novel lidar anemometry system which has allowed cheaper and more efficient wind farm siting and operation.