Physics celebrated at mosque open day

14 March 2019

The Institute of Physics, London and South East Branch (IOP L&SE), participated in the national annual event, VisitMyMosque, at the Gillingham Mosque on Sunday 3 March 2019.

Mosque visit stand

A large number of mosques in the UK opened their doors to all faith and non-faith neighbours, members of local authorities, schools, colleges and universities for a chat, light refreshments and talks on contemporary issues, with the view of promoting harmony and understanding between the communities.

The IOP L&SE actively participated in the event arranged by the Kent Muslim Welfare Association at the Gillingham Mosque and had a display stall with publicity material and small IOP gifts.

Physics and the physical sciences have a long tradition in Islam, which is why many of the major stars visible in the night sky have Arabic names.

2015 marked the 1000th anniversary of the appearance of the seven-volume treatise on optics Kitab al-Manazir, written by the Arab scientist Ibn al-Haytham, considered to be the founder of the modern scientific method of using experiments to verify theory.

The IOP display stand was very popular with visitors. A lot of interest was shown by children and adults alike. 

Mosque certificate March 19

Dr Diane Crann, Chair of the Institute of Physics (embodying Physics Astronomy and Mathematics) London and South East Branch, co-hosting with Councillor Steve Iles, the Mayor of Medway, awarded certificates to children who participated in a mobile Planetarium show, specially arranged by the IOP L&SE for those who attend the weekend school.

Anwar Khan, co-ordinator, Kent Muslim Welfare Association said: "We are grateful to the IOP for joining in our endeavour to promote harmony and peaceful coexistence of communities to live with mutual respect and dignity”.

Dr Diane Crann said: "I enjoyed coming to the mosque and meeting all the children. It was a very good opportunity for us, as well as the local community, to learn more about your (Islamic) faith. Days such as this can really help break down barriers”.

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