Pilot scheme launched to develop retired member events

3 December 2018

The inaugural meeting of the Retired Members Network took place in London on 27 November with the aim of sharing knowledge and extending activities for retired members.

REMN branches

In view of the success and growth of the Retired Members' Section of the London & South East Branch (REMS) over the last two decades, it seemed worthwhile extending the idea to other branches who may not yet have developed their retired members' activities.

REMS offers a very active and extensive programme of scientific and social events and visits and is run by a committee of volunteers. Activities are principally aimed at retired members but are open to all members and their guests.

In order to encourage the development of events specifically tailored to retired members across all nations and branches, a pilot scheme, called the Retired Members' Network (REMN), has been initiated in a number of selected branches. A representative from each branch will attend a twice-yearly meeting to discuss ideas for events, to exchange information about best practices and good speakers, and generally to help branches develop a programme of events and other activities.

The inaugural meeting of the REMN committee was held at the new IOP building in London on 27 November and representatives from a number of branches attended: South West; South Central; London & South East; East Midlands; West Midlands; and IOP Scotland.

The REMS representative explained what was being done in the London & South East Branch, and although there was initial skepticism from some of the branches with large geographical areas about the practicality of organising events for retired members, it soon became clear that aspects of the REMS model could be applied in all branches. In particular, the opportunity for increasing a sense of fellowship was recognised, and all of the representatives felt by the end of the meeting that there is a range of activities which could be developed in all branches. It is now planned to extend REMN to all nations and branches.

Further information on REMN and REMS is available. 

If you are interested in coming to any of the REMS events in London and the South East you would be very welcome: go to the IOP events page and type REMS into the search box to find them. 

And the REMS committee are always looking for volunteers to help organise events – please contact Hugh Deighton - hugh.deighton@physics.org if you have any good ideas.

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